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80,000 pounds…

That’s the weight of a fully-loaded semi-truck or big rig. More often than not, wrecks involving trucks result in severe injuries or fatalities. It’s a terrifying experience for all involved, and it happens far too often on busy Tennessee highways and curvy mountain roads.

The Semi-Truck Insurance Claims Process can be intimidating and frustrating. Trucking companies have law firms and insurance companies ready to defend truckers involved in accidents. But who do you have? You need an experienced personal injury attorney to gather evidence and fight for your rights in court.

Get what you deserve after a truck accident

Hiring legal support right away is critical to the success of a truck accident case. Because truck crash records only have to be kept for a certain period of time, getting fair representation fast can make all the difference in your settlement. At G3 Help Me law, we understand the many factors that may affect your case, including:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Worn or under-inflated tires
  • Overloaded cargo
  • Tight delivery deadlines
  • Substance abuse
  • Broken traffic laws
  • Distracted driving

All of these factors come with evidence that can be lost quickly and lead to a lifetime of regret after a truck wreck. With hundreds of 5-star reviews and decades of experience dealing with personal injury cases, G3 has built a reputation around providing compassionate guidance to those in need of financial and emotional support after a truck accident. Let us help you get what you deserve.

How can a truck accident attorney help you?

The trucking industry is essential for the US economy, but the presence of trucks on the open roads can often mean bad news for passenger vehicles. It’s estimated that in the US, every 15 minutes a person is injured or even killed in a truck accident.

Despite federal laws regulating the circulation of trucks and caution while driving, one second is enough to turn someone’s life upside down. And those who become the victims of truck accidents are often left to carry the load of some unimaginable repercussions.

If you’ve been the victim of such an accident, you are likely now left to pick up the pieces and figure out where to go next. The process of a trucking accident insurance claim is far from easy under normal circumstances, but if you’re also battling your health at the moment, the presence of a Knoxville Truck Accident Attorney could be most beneficial to helping you file the claim and negotiating a fair settlement.

The G3 lawyers are here to help you achieve this. We represent clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you will not pay attorney fees unless we win your case.

Determining If You Have A Valid Claim

If you aren’t sure if you have a case or not, a Knoxville truck accident attorney can analyze the details of your situation and determine whether you have a valid case or not. Trucking accident claims are considered personal injury claims, which means you, the plaintiff, must meet certain conditions that will show if you are legally entitled to benefits or not.

Your attorney will start gathering the facts to prove the truck driver’s behavior led to your injuries and other damages. To do this, one of the first questions to answer is why the truck accident even occurred.

And for this, there could be a variety of explanations, and not all of them have to do with the truck driver necessarily. For instance, driver negligence is a common cause for trucking accidents, such as the driver rushing to meet deadlines and not paying attention to the road, getting distracted by the GPS, or even talking on the phone. 

However, the trucking company may also be held liable if it created the conditions for the accident, such as knowing the driver’s bad driving history but continuing to employ them.

Liability could also fall to the truck manufacturer, if the accident occurred because of a malfunction that led to the driver losing control of the vehicle, causing the accident.

As you can see, there can be different parties legally obligated to cover your damages, and a Knoxville truck accident attorney can help you identify them.

What Types Of Damages Can You Recover From A Truck Accident?

Trucking accidents often result in a lot of damages for everyone involved. The very size of the truck in question could potentially make even a seemingly minor fender bender have some costly expenses for the trucking accident victim.

Here are a few types of damages your Knoxville truck accident attorney can recover:

  • Medical expenses – the lawyers at G3 will help you recover past and future medical bills that have directly resulted from the trucking accident, from the cost of the ambulance to surgeries, doctor’s appointments, tests, and the cost for physical rehabilitation;
  • Lost wages – if the trucking accident resulted in you losing wages, the law says you are entitled to be compensated for them;
  • Pain and suffering – these are damages that cover the effects of the trucking accident on your life, from the emotional toll you may experience, to some that can be difficult to define, such as the shortening of life, trauma, embarrassment, and more. The law recognizes that the repercussions of a truck accident don’t stop solely at the medical expenses victims get as a result, which is why it includes the possibility of getting compensated for pain and suffering-type damages;
  • Lost earning capacity – unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to go back to their previous life after such an event. If the truck accident has left you with permanent injuries that prevent you from getting work, the truck accident claim settlement should include this in the award.

No fees unless we win for you!

Most lawyers that represent clients in these cases work on a contingency fee, meaning they do not require the client to pay for the legal services upfront. Instead, the attorney will take a percentage of the settlement.

If the lawyer loses the cases and no settlement is awarded, the truck accident victim does not have to pay for the legal services. At G3, we understand that the possibility of an expensive lawyer’s bill is the last thing you want to worry about, which is why we only work on a contingency fee. We fight for you, and for your right to be properly compensated.

I’ve Been Involved in A Truck Accident. What Now?

The first thing to do right after a truck accident is to seek medical attention right away, even if you feel fine. You may not be completely aware of the extent of your injuries right after impact because of the adrenaline rushing through your system, so going to the hospital is the best way to know exactly what the accident has resulted in. This will also help you greatly when you file a truck accident claim.

Then, you should reach out to a Knoxville Truck Accident Attorney as soon as possible. There are many pieces of the accident puzzle your lawyer must gather to build a solid case, and some of them are time-sensitive. Tire marks, for instance, can vanish in time, in which case you’ve lost an essential piece of evidence. The same goes for witnesses that could start forgetting the details of the accident if too much time passes.

Your attorney will not just help you build a strong case – they can provide genuine comfort and relief by handling the complexities of your claim, leaving you to focus solely on your recovery.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a truck accident, contact the G3 legal team now!

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