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Back to School Traffic

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School is back in session. Hooray!, you shout. Now for a regular schedule which affords some peace and quiet at last: No more camp scheduling, monitoring too much screen time, always being on alert for easing complaints of boredom. Ahh...a sigh of relief as our children return to classes for the fall term. We love 'em dearly, know what I mean.

However, there's that familiar downside to greatly increased traffic, especially near school zones during drop off and pick up times. If you're like I am, getting stuck in that traffic is a nightmare. Like recently when exiting the dentist's office with a sore and numb jaw only to confront the 3 o'clock pick up time at the largest high school in Knoxville. It was like game day traffic at a UT football game. I thought I had died and gone to h...!

But here's the skinny: Obey the school zone traffic laws, drive very carefully, and be careful for an errant child crossing your path while unattended. I would never forgive myself if I were to injure a pedestrian, especially a child due to my impatient haste.

What if your child or that of a friend's is injured in a school zone due to a reckless driver? God forbid that would happen. But it does, and our expert legal team has received calls from distressed parents for that very reason.

We respond immediately to comfort and empathize. Simultaneously, we quickly gather all the facts and evidence so that we can best assist you in getting the justice you deserve for you and your precious little one. After all, we know exactly how we would feel if such a tragedy were to occur with a child of ours.

We're always ready, willing and able to serve you should such an unfortunate event strike your family. We at G3HelpMe have been doing just that for over 22 years with excellent results for the injured and bereaved.

We're more than honored to serve you and our community by fighting for wrongfully injured folks' justice.

G. Turner Howard III

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