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The 2022 Holiday Season

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We now enter that time of year when America’s two major holidays are upon us, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This means, of course, that already crowded streets are even more clogged with folks traveling to visit friends and family, stock up on groceries, and generally shop.

So, what we here at G3 are suggesting is that you give yourself more time for travel by planning ahead to where you don’t have to rush to meet a deadline. In fact, if possible, try to stay off the streets during times when you anticipate the heaviest traffic. Perhaps run your errands earlier than usual, or after traffic has abated somewhat.

Be aware that celebration times bring out alcoholic beverages, which is another reason to perhaps binge on Netflix instead of heading to a party outside your home.

After all, spending time with family and friends nearby is what Thanksgiving and Christmas are mostly about. You matter to us here at G3. Please be careful and safe this holiday season, so you can begin 2023 hale and hearty.

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