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Tailgating Automotive Accident Leads to $100k Settlement for G3 Client

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Ms. Sandra Miller* is a previous client of ours from Anderson County, Tennessee. One day, she was driving down a local road in her hometown when she noticed a vehicle following a bit too closely behind her. In what felt like the blink of an eye, Ms. Miller was reportedly struck by another motor vehicle while traveling southbound on Illinois Avenue at Badger Lane in Oak Ridge.

As traffic in front of her came to a stop, Ms. Miller started to slow down. That’s when the insured, Mr. Jeffery Blue, made a critical mistake. Both traveling southbound within the speed limit, Mr. Blue’s vehicle was tailing Ms. Miller’s vehicle closely enough to be cited for following improperly. As a result of the citation, it was made evident that Ms. Miller has no comparative fault in this matter.


We’ve all been there. When a vehicle follows too closely behind yours, it can be more than just irritating… it can be scary. Aside from a scare, Ms. Miller sustained harsh physical and financial blows from being rear-ended that day. Her physical injuries consisted of a lumbar sprain, lumbosacral radiculopathy, bulging and herniated disks, difficulty sleeping, difficulty with everyday physical tasks, weakness in both legs, and pain in the left leg and hip.

In addition, the accident between Mr. Blue and Ms. Miller left her unable to return to work, beginning the week of October 6th, 2018. Though the accident was at no fault of her own, she was unable to perform her duties at work and was left to struggle financially. That’s when we stepped in.

The Result

At G3 Help Me Law, we’re committed to getting every single one of our clients the settlement he or she deserves. In this case, a simple Google search led Ms. Miller to the G3 team. After reading through many 5-star reviews, she decided to give us a call. From the moment we met with Sandra we knew we could her get her the money she deserved.

Using our extensive experience with motor vehicle accident cases, including countless rear-end accidents, we presented our client with our best recommendation: take the insurance company up on their offer to settle with the policy limit. Ms. Miller decided this was in her best interest, and received a monetary compensation of $100,000 to help cover her physical and financial struggles. This money allowed Ms. Miller to make up some of her lost wages and pay for medical bills that began stacking up after the accident.

The entire G3 team is glad to be able to play a role in helping Ms. Miller get the settlement she deserves. Our hope is that she continues safely on her road to making a full recovery— physically, emotionally, and financially.

*In order to ensure our clients receive the highest level of privacy and respect, we do not disclose their personal information. The name provided for this case study is a pseudonym.

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