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“I Broke My Neck and Nearly Died in a Car Wreck” – G. Turner Howard III’s Story

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I broke my neck and nearly died in a car wreck.

Yes, you saw that right. I was rushed by ambulance to the UT Hospital trauma unit where a neurosurgeon told me I came within a millimeter of losing my life when a car crashed into me going in the opposite direction while I was idling at a stoplight. My car was totaled and I suffered a broken neck, with a concussion, deep cuts to my head, and blood all over my front seat.

I underwent x-rays and CT scans. I was given morphine to kill the pain. Then I was fitted with a body cast that severely restricted movement so my neck would begin to heal without surgery.

And then on a cool Friday in April 2009, my wife, Janie, helped me out of the hospital as I crept with pain toward her awaiting car.

The next 12 weeks were hell. Try sleeping with a body cast. The sharp pain radiating from my broken neck through my shoulder and down into my hands and fingers was excruciating. Multiple doctor visits were inconvenient and constantly disrupted my daily schedule of trying to get better.

Thank God, I eventually started to recover. To take that horrible cast off my body. To get back to normal. But it had been so painful, so inconvenient, so scary.

So, if you’ve been injured in a car crash, I identify with you. With what you’re going through with the pain. The doctors’ visits. The recovery process. The property damage. The insurance mess. The bills. The time away from a normal life with family, work, social activities, church.

I’ve been there. Where you are. I identify.

For those reasons, I especially can feel your pain and take excellent care of you.

Call me. As always, my ears and advice are free.

G. Turner Howard III
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