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Car Wreck Leads to One Million Dollars for Victim

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Mr. Dale Phillips was a passenger in a vehicle traveling in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. The driver of Mr. Phillips’ vehicle attempted to make a left turn and accelerated rapidly, losing control of his vehicle and striking a brick wall.

Mr. Phillips, 23 years old, sustained injuries including, but not limited to, L2 – L3 Chance fractures, L4 compression fracture, concussion, loss of consciousness, left ankle injury as well as a descending colon hematoma. He required a spinal fusion at L1 through L5 as well as an open reduction internal fixation of L3 burst fracture and decompressive laminectomy and foraminotomy at L3. He was inpatient at UT Medical Center for six days and sustained a significant amount of pain and suffering as well as limitations of his daily activities.

G3 settled this claim for one million dollars.

*We used the pseudonym, Dale Phillips, to protect our client.*

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